Gaur Brigade: FC Goa Fan Club given Official Status

FC Goa Fan Club, which is the oldest & the Largest Supporters club of FC Goa has been given official status yesterday. FC Goa & Fan Club representatives were present during the signing of the MOU.

Last year was a major Revelation wherein for the first time a large group of supporters traveled for an away game to Bangalore initiated by the FC Goa fan club in collaboration with FC Goa. Following this, groups of fans have traveled to various away games across venues which is very new to Goan football. So this official recognition will allow the FC Goa fan club to work even closely with FC Goa in drumming up away fans support which is still at the initial stages as per as Indian football is concerned.

Started in 2014 almost same time as the club FC Goa was announced; the FC Goa fan Club has got FC Goa friends from across the globe together and today stands at almost 50k members around all platforms. Being the official fan club also allows its members to avail many benefits from FC Goa like discounted season tickets, merchandise and also support during the away trips. This year to the FC Goa fan club will be traveling to away matches starting from Guwahati where FC Goa start their campaign. Our aim is to travel to every away game this season under the banner of the #GaurBrigade; which is a special faction of fans from the FC Goa fan club who travel for away games.

You can register with the FC Goa fan club by visiting our Instagram page and clicking the link in our bio. The registration is totally free and every member will be eligible to buy season tickets from FC Goa at a discounted rate even after the early bird period.

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