Florentino Perez on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Move To Juventus

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez says Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to leave for personal reasons and real did not want to sell him. Ronaldo left for a fee of 100 million euros to join Juventus and while he has not made an exceptionally good start, he did score twice for the Old Lady this past week against Sassuolo. Ronaldo parted ways with spanish club as the club’s top goalscorer with 450 goals in just 438 games.

“The release clauses that Real Madrid set for our players are to be dissuading,” Perez told club delegates, as reported by OK Diario.

“The most profitable sale this year was that of Cristiano. He wanted to leave for personal reasons, and when everyone is converging on one solution you come to an agreement.

Perez said: ” Real Madrid will always be his home. Cristiano has been the best since Di Stefano and he wanted to go for personal reasons. No one has ever collected more than 100 million for a sale in Madrid.

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