Marcello Lippi: “Don’t suspend Ronaldo, Champions League needs VAR”

Former Juventus manager Marcello Lippi believes Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial red card in Valencia is further proof the Champions League needs VAR.

“The decision was examined by a sort of world-wide VAR and everybody agrees that a scratch in the opponent’s head is not enough to justify a red card. One person had hallucinations probably. You can’t make such a big damage to a club, especially because the suspension could be for two games due to the straight red card,” the current chinese boss told Tuttosport.

“Now UEFA should come out and say, ‘gentlemen, we were wrong.’ You can’t go back on it because Ronaldo has already been sent off and the game is over, but a ban would be absurd.

“Therefore, there shouldn’t be one and we immediately implement VAR in the Champions League.

“Juventus are prepared for everything and any eventuality. They’re the favourites for the Champions League, together with Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich, Manchester City and PSG.

Juventus backed Cristiano Ronaldo after the red card shown at Valencia with a social media message published on Twitter, while the italian champions has hope that the champions league ban for their super star could be cancelled.

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