Does Marcos Alonso need to improve his defensive attributes?

When it comes to a full-back who can attack, look no further than Marcos Alonso. He is good in getting to attacking positions and more often score goals for Chelsea. So the question here is, how good is he defensively? Will his eagerness to attack cost Chelsea?

Without a doubt, Alonso is one of the best-attacking full-backs in the league. Till now he has created 12 chances from open play and no fullback has managed more than that (Andrew Robertson has managed the same number). He is the fullback with the most number of touches in the opposition box which makes us wonder if he really is a left-back or a left winger?

It is good to see your left-back supporting the attack and creating chances but it can cause defensive vulnerability. Speaking of Alonso, we can numerous times him being caught out of position and opposition using the space to counter-attack. Juan Mata’s goal recent goal against Chelsea is a clear-cut example of that.

You just can’t blindly say that his defensive stats are bad. A tackle success percentage of 69% and averaging 2.05 tackles per game is no bad numbers by any means. He records 1.58 interceptions per game as well as 2.92 clearances per game. He is good at recovering balls and starting attack straight away.

Despite respectable defensive stats why should Alonso improve defensively? The main reason is the change in the system. In Conte’s system where he deployed a 5-man defensive line, Alonso had cover if his space was left open. When it comes to Sarri’s system, the backline is a four-member unit and it won’t always be possible for the center-backs to cover for the free-flowing Marcos Alonso.


Despite some flaws here and there, Alonso is one of the best in the business. Sarri ball is working pretty well for Chelsea and Marcos Alonso can take it a whole another level. With Alonso in full form and Hazard firing, Chelsea is a serious contender for the Premier League title this time around.

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