Yes, you heard it right!!! Sun halts play in Napier

Sunlight has hampered batsman’s view and the first ODI in Napier between India and Australia had an unexpected break as Sun halted the play until the conditions improve. India is 44/1 in 10 overs and needs 114 runs more to win first ODI.

According to umpire Shaun Haig conditions are expected to improve soon and it is expected to have a full 50-over game.

“The setting sun is directly in the eyes of the batsmen. So we got to consider the safety of the players, umpires. So we have decided to suspend play until conditions improve. This is the first time in my 14 years I have seen something like this happen on a cricket field. Good news is we have 30 minutes extra time. We are hoping to be back in 30 minutes and it will still be a 50-over game,” said umpire Shaun Haig.

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