Aaron Ramsey: Where to next?

Aaron Ramsey! He is quite an underrated footballer. With the Welshman’s contract set to expire this Summer, where will he head to next? After a decade at the Emirates, Aaron Ramsey might bid goodbye to Arsenal in the summer. Despite some inconsistencies, he is a quality addition to any top team in Europe.

The Beginning

Born in Wales, Aaron Ramsey started his career with Cardiff City. At Cardiff, he impressed the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson who tried to bring him to Old Trafford. In the end, Ramsey chose to sign for Arsene Wenger and a love story began.

The Arsenal Career

Ramsey’s Arsenal career has been a one with many highs and lows. One word define the career is: inconsistent.

Ramsey made 245 appearances in the Premier League in which he racked up 37 goals and 43 assists. This stat is by no means a bad one for a box-box midfielder. Ramsey is a player who creates chances. Since 2014/15 he has created 147 chances in total.  He is a good tackler with a success percentage of 74%. Ramsey is good in winning balls and starting counter attacks. He is good with his long and short passes as well.

Ramsey is a big game player. He steps-up when others fail. Who can forget his extra-time goal against Hull that ended Arsenal’s trophy drought?

Despite inconsistencies, another issue Ramsey has faced throughout his career is injuries. Ramsey has missed almost 100+ games after his leg break. So any team who is planning to sign need to keep this in mind.

Where to Next?

So the question is where to next? Many teams have been linked to the Welshman. Liverpool is rumored to be a destination. Klopp can utilize Ramsey’s physical attributes in the favor of his pressing game. To be honest, he won’t walk directly into the starting the line-up at Anfield. If the deal goes through, Ramsey will definitely be a shrewd addition for the Reds.

Bayern Munich is also a rumored destination and so is Juventus. Will Manchester United sign him this time after 10 years. Mourinho won’t bother to do so. Mou likes technically gifted players and Ramsey is by no means technically brilliant.

So what do you think? Should Arsenal make Ramsey sign a new contract or let him leave free? Let us know your thoughts below:

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