The rise of yet another Manchester City reject

Manchester City is cruising at the moment(Except at Stamford Bridge). Defeating team after team and staying on top of the League (not Chelsea by the way). They make no mistake when it comes to playing their game but when it comes to their youth policy how well do they do? Not the best at that. City rejects are proving to be precious gems elsewhere. Take the example of Jadon Sancho in Borussia Dortmund. Do you want another perfect example? This one is from the Premier League itself. It is David Brooks from AFC Bournemouth.

At the age of 17, David Brooks was released by Manchester City. He then joined the Youth system of Sheffield United. He joined Bournemouth from Sheffield for a fee around £11.5 million. Now at 21, he is becoming an integral part of Howe’s team as each day passes by. Just as Sancho, he will be happy that he left Manchester City for the good.

So how good is David Brooks? So far in 15 games, Brooks has accumulated 3 goals and 1 assist to his name. He is gaining momentum with each passing game and is certainly an asset for Eddie Howe.

Why did Manchester City let him go? Maybe his physicality had a role to play in that. He is just 5ft 3ins and every team will think twice before wrapping him up. A player of less physicality have chances that he might find difficult to thrive in the Premier League, but Brooks is starting to prove his doubters wrong.

AFC Bournemouth is having a great start to the Premier League season and Brooks role in that can’t be understated. How far will they go? They can fight for a Europa League spot if things go according to plan. We are living in an era where teams can do wonders. The fairy tale of Leicester is a source of inspiration for any team.

With age by his side and under a good manager David Brooks can go a long way. We expect him to do so as well.

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