Mizoram U-15 League from tomorrow

The second season of 10-team Mizoram Under-15 League will kick off from September 7, 2018 at Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Aizawl.

The league is jointly organised by Mizoram Football Association and Tata Trusts. Each team will face the other teams once in the league campaign, with the top four teams qualifying for the semifinals.

The inaugural season was a huge success with three players from the league getting a call up for the India Sub Junior team.

The 10 teams participating in this season are:
1. Aizawl FC
2. Aizawl Grassroots Centre
3. Bawngkawn GSA
4. FC Armed Veng South
5. FC Stonzz
6.Kanan FC
7.Kulikawn FC
8.M 28 Academy, Republic Veng
9.Sihphir Venghlun FC
10. Tata Trust Centre of Excellence

▪️The prizes:
Champions: Rs 50,000 Runners-up: Rs 30,000 Semifinalists: Rs 20,000
Fifth position: Rs 18,000
Sixth position: Rs 16,000
Seventh position: Rs 14,000
Eighth position: Rs 12,000
Ninth position: Rs 10,000
Tenth position : Rs 8,000
Fair Play: Rs 20,000

▪️Individual Awards
Best Player: Rs 2,000
Best Forward: Rs 2,000
Best Midfielder: Rs 2,000
Best Defender: Rs 2,000
Best Goalkeeper: Rs 2,000.

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