KMG Mavoor Secures Fifth Straight Win with 4-2 Victory over Town Team Areecode

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Valapattanam Sevens: Day 2 saw a historic victory for KMG Mavoor, as they secured their fifth consecutive win in all tournaments with a 4-2 defeat of Town Team Areecode. This impressive winning streak has been fueled by KMG Mavoor’s strong offensive performance, with the team scoring a total of 16 goals in their five matches.

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KMG Mavoor Team

The match started off with a quick goal from KMG Mavoor just minutes after the kick off. Town Team Areecode responded with a goal of their own, but KMG Mavoor continued to press forward, scoring two more goals within the first 30 minutes of the match. Despite Town Team Areecode’s efforts to mount a comeback, KMG Mavoor maintained their lead and ultimately secured the win.

This win marks KMG Mavoor’s fifth straight victory in all tournaments, and they will look to continue their winning streak in the next round as they take on Hitachi Thrikkarippur. With their strong offensive performance and impressive winning streak, KMG Mavoor will certainly be a team to watch in this tournament.

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