Kerala Blasters FC to continue Preseason in Kochi; Michi Sports defaults on commitments

Kochi, September 12, 2019: Kerala Blasters FC, an Indian Super League club with the highest fan-base in India and the 5th largest in Asia announces the cancellation of their Preseason tour in the UAE due to a breach of contract from Michi Sports, the promoters and event organizers.

Despite assuring complete responsibility of arranging accommodation, training facilities for the team and organizing the event in the UAE, Michi sports has proved to be a complete disappointment since they were unsuccessful in holding their end of the agreement and delivering their commitments. They have also tried to hamper the repute of the club among key stakeholders.

Of the many proposals that the club received to host their preseason, Kerala Blasters chose UAE as their Preseason destination with an objective to connect with their second largest fan-base in the world after India. The preseason tour, ahead of the Indian Super League Season 6, had kicked off on September 4th with the first match ending in a draw. Kerala Blasters will now continue their preseason in Kochi.

“Fans around the world have always shown love and support towards the team. The preseason tour in the UAE was planned as a gesture to return the warmth to our overseas supporters. Our hearts were filled on seeing the turnout during our first game in the UAE. We can’t thank the fans enough for their effort to cheer for the team at the stadium.” quoted Kerala Blasters.

Michi Sports has however hampered all efforts taken by the club to reach out to their fans by failing to abide by their commitments. The negligence and irresponsibility shown by the organizers have forced the team to return to Kochi.

“Integrity is an uncompromisable value at Kerala Blasters and the actions of Michi Sports is completely unacceptable to us. Hence, we have decided to return to Kochi for our Preseason. We understand that this is disheartening for all our fans in the UAE, who were eagerly planning and looking forward to watch our matches and cheer for the team at the stadium. Nevertheless, we hope to be back working with more professional and credible event partners in the future.” announced Kerala Blasters in a statement.

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