“Kerala Blasters Coach Calls for Change in Super Cup Scheduling: Suggests Holding Tournament in the Middle of the Season”

20230121 130306

Kerala Blasters coach Ivan Vukamanovic has called for a change in the scheduling of the Super Cup, stating that the tournament should be held in the middle of the season instead of at the end. Vukamanovic made these comments during a press conference ahead of his team’s match against FC Goa, arguing that this is the norm in other countries and is beneficial for both teams and players.

20230121 130304
Kerala Blaster’s Coach. Image: ISL

Vukamanovic believes that teams would benefit from playing cup matches as a form of three league matches and one cup match in between, as it would give opportunities to young players to improve and also make the tournament more exciting for teams. He also stated that many teams have no interest in the Super Cup after the season, and often send their second team and youth players to participate as there is no Asian qualification on the line. Additionally, many teams release their foreign stars by the end of the season.

The Super Cup is an annual football tournament organized by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and features teams from the Indian Super League (ISL) and the I-League. The tournament has been traditionally held at the end of the season, but Vukamanovic’s comments call attention to the need for re-evaluating the scheduling of the tournament for the benefit of the teams and players. It remains to be seen if the AIFF will take his suggestions into consideration as they plan future editions of the Super Cup

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