Intense Battle Between Super Studio and Royal Travel Decided by Toss in Koyappa Sevens

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The Koyappa All India Sevens tournament saw a thrilling match between Super Studio Malappuram and Royal Travel Kozhikode. The game started with both teams attacking from the beginning, and Super Studio managed to score in the 24th minute, with Ballack scoring the goal, assisted by Achudu. However, Royal Travel quickly responded, with Usman Ashik equalizing for the team in the 26th minute, with an assist from Kingsly. At half-time, the score was 1-1.

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In the second half, the match became eventful with fouls and fights between players. Despite this, neither team was able to score, and the match ended in a draw after full time. However, with a huge crowd entering the ground, there was not enough space to proceed with the penalty shootout, and the tournament committee decided to determine the winner by a toss.

Unfortunately, Super Studio was not as lucky, and Royal Travel advanced to the next round. This was a highly anticipated match between two of the biggest Sevens football teams in Kerala, and it lived up to the expectations with a thrilling encounter.

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