KOZHIKODE, JULY 25: As a response to the letter sent to FIFA President Gianni Infantino earlier this week by Gokulam Kerala FC and 5 other clubs, FIFA has written to the All India Football Federation seeking an update to the degree of implementation of the joint FIFA and AFC report that was prepared in 2018.

This report was made by conclusive research by a combined team of FIFA and AFC Delegates taking personal interviews with every major stakeholder in Indian Football. Official Delegates like Mr. Nick Crawford and Mr. Alex Philips from FIFA were specially flown to India to conduct intensive interviews with the major clubs in India to discuss on each and every issue the owners had in Indian Football.

The purpose of this report back in 2018 was to provide the AIFF with external expertise, a clear roadmap to establish a unified league and implement a widely-supported strategy for the development of football in India. This report was addressed to the stakeholders and not just AIFF who have kept this report with them for the past one year. This shows or rather proves that the report has solutions which do not coincide with the idea of AIFF or FSDL (the marketing partners of AIFF).

In this letter, FIFA CMAO Joyce Cook also confirms that they have been recently contacted by various top-level football clubs from India in view of the ongoing fiasco in Indian Football and seeks acknowledgment on the development on the potentially unified “Indian Football League”.

This was after Gokulam Kerala FC along with 5 other I-League clubs had written to FIFA President Gianni Infantino earlier this week requesting intervention on the deal that the AIFF made with FSDL. The letter also contained the sensitive MRA and up to 35 points explaining how the AIFF, through this deal, managed to ruin the already ill-treated clubs and further disrupt the future of the top league in India.

Gokulam Kerala FC and all other I-League Clubs ask Kushal Das and AIFF for the umpteenth time to release the report which consists of a clear road for the development of Indian Football which was sent by FIFA in 2018.

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