Out of favour under Sarri: what next for Mario Mandzukic?

Imagine you are a striker for a top team in the Serie A. One of the top players in the club and life was all good, until one day. A new manager’s reign starts, and things are all different all of a sudden. You don’t get enough playing minutes and is spending your time warming the bench. No player will be happy in such a situation.

The hero of this piece is Mario Mandzukic, the villain Sarri or maybe Juventus management. Even though Mandzukic is on the wrong side of the 30s, he still has the firepower for a top team. It’s is sad for a player of his calibre to warm the bench at Juventus. An underrated player who works hard on the pitch and gives his everything for the team. To displace the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Higuain and Dybala from the line-up is a difficult task, and it would be wise if the Croatian seeks new pastures before its too late.

Reports have emerged that Manchester United are in the hunt for Mandzukic. Is he the person for Manchester United? He certainly is a fit for filling the boots left behind by Lukaku, for a short term. If Martial can stay fit and start firing, Ole’s plans to replace Lukaku will work out, but Mandzukic is more of a short-term solution and make a sudden impact. The Croatian has that eye for the goal and is clinical in the air. If he gets the right service, he can convert them into goals.

While Mandzukic is a short-time solution, a January transfer will benefit both the parties. The experienced Croatian will be an asset to Ole’s young squad as the players can learn a lot from him. Will the move happen? Not sure yet, but the Croatian is better off at any other club rather than Bench-warming at Juventus.

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