No Twists, No Turns, Tamil Thalaivas lose yet again

Tamil Thalaivas has got a pretty bad record at home, but they started the season with upsetting current champions Patna Pirates. But thereafter they haven’t won a single match at their home mat and today lost against Bengaluru Bulls 48-37. Bulls were having a clear upper hand in the match and they were leading 28-12 during the halftime.

Thalaivas captain Ajay Thakur was well matched by Pawan Sehrawat with both players picking up 20 points from the match. Sehrawat got ample support from Kashiling Adake(8 points) and Ashish Sangwan(7 points) but this was not the case with Ajay Thakur. He was only supported by Athul with 8 points.

In the raiding department, both teams were neck and neck with Bengaluru edging past Tamil Thalaivas by one point(31-30). Bengaluru picked 12 tackle points whereas Thalaivas got only 5 points. Bulls took 4 all out points against 2 points from Thalaivas.

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