Kochi, will remain, the HOME GROUND of the Blasters!

Kerala Blasters FC can confirm that Kochi will remain its Home-Ground and the club will not be shifting its home base entirely to Kozhikode, as reported by the media. Kerala Blasters is a club that belongs to Kerala and is a representation of the passion the state has for the game of football. It is noteworthy that the club is supported by millions of fans within and outside the state, not just in India, but also on a global level.

Kerala Blasters FC aims to stay closely connected with its fans, from all regions, by creating an opportunity to watch and enjoy KBFC matches. Hence, the club will continue to identify stadiums with the required amenities, across the state and will focus all its efforts to transform them into international standards.

Further, KBFC strives to develop and promote young football aspirants from across Kerala to become ‘professional footballers’ who are capable of representing the state and the country in international leagues, thereby enhancing the legacy of football in Kerala.

Let it be known to all that Kerala Blasters FC is not a club of just one region. It is a club of Kerala in its entirety.

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