Kerala Blasters FC further donates 1,50,000 pcs. of Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate 200mg tablets to support the Government of Kerala in its fight against the Corona Virus. This is in addition to the 1,00,000 tablets that were donated earlier. These tablets in total, arranged with the help of M/s Lauras Laboratories Ltd, Hyderabad, will serve as a preventive measure for nearly 25,000 front-line health care workers.

In an attempt to recognize the bravery and express gratitude to all front-line workers, who have risked their lives to support the safety of fellow beings during this pandemic, KBFC initiated a #SaluteOurHeroes campaign through the club’s digital and social media handles. The campaign consisted of two parts:

  1. Introduction of a weekly column that shares inspiring life stories of such front-line workers, in an effort to use the digital platform of India’s largest fan followed club to acknowledge and salute their contribution.
  2. Launch of an Instagram filter that allows fans to Thank the Heroes publicly. It is noteworthy that the filter has reached 3 Million fans through the KBFC platforms within a span of 7 days.

The club will continue to support the front-line workers with many more such initiatives in the near future.

“The spirit of a football club is captured by the ability of its community to come together in difficult situations. In times like this, players, transfers, extensions etc. are all far less important than the overall wellbeing of the society. This additional contribution of 1.5L tablets is a further commitment that KBFC, besides football, continues to focus on the overall wellbeing of the people of Kerala and uphold the indomitable spirit of the Kerala community”, says Nimmagadda Prasad, Owner, Kerala Blasters FC.

In the past, the club has initiated several relief activities particularly during the catastrophic floods that affected the people of the state in 2018. In addition to theseveral on-ground flood relief activities that were commenced by the club, the investors of KBFC had also made a contribution to the Chief Minister’s relief fund as a support to the initiatives undertaken by the state.

Kerala Blasters FC will continue to serve Kerala in football, sports ventures and all other humanitarian initiatives.C

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