Shakib worried that his injured finger will be back like before

Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan said that his injured finger will be never like before again. Shakib said that the infection on the finger is a big thread and needs to be fully cleared before he undergoes for the surgery of the finger. He hoped that the surgery would help him continue with his career as a cricketer.

“The biggest threat is the infection because until the infection is cleared totally, surgeons will not do anything with it because if they work on it, with any kind of infection around the finger, there is a possibility that it can travel into the bones and if that is the case then the whole hand will be spoiled,” Shakib spoke to reports at the Airport.

“The finger won’t be same like before because the fractured bone is soft in nature and it cannot be fixed at any point in future,” he said. “It might not get healed totally but the surgery is expected to be done in such a manner so that my hand can take the pressure of playing cricket – like it will help me to hold the bat properly and continue my cricket career,” he added.

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