Shakib Al Hasan out of action for 3 months

Shakib Al Hasan who didn’t feature in Bangladesh’s crucial super over tie against Pakistan and the final against India will be out of action for at least 3 months. He had to undergo surgery in Bangladesh itself while he was deciding to do it after reaching the US. The situation went worse for the player and he had to undergo the surgery immediately. But according to reports, the surgery was to take the pus in the hand and the main surgery for the injured finger will happen later only.

The delay in the surgery has caused the infection to spread to Writs and any further delay would have made his wrist disabled.

“The moment I arrived in the hospital, the doctors told me that I have to get the pus out as soon as possible. Any delay would put me in great danger as the infection spread till my wrist,” Quoted Shakib

“If I had waited another few days, my wrist would have become disabled. I feel better after they took out the pus, but the problem is until the infection isn’t gone, there isn’t going to be a surgery on my injured finger. It will take another two-three weeks to fix. After surgery, I will need eight weeks, which means I am out for three months.”

It was in January 2018 when Shakib got injured during the tri-nation series featuring Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

“I have been in this state for the last 14-15 days. The doctor immediately understood what had happened, but our physio couldn’t find out,” Shakib explained.

“The BCB president asked if I could play the Asia Cup or I could go for the surgery. He told me to take the decision. When I asked the physio about what damage it may have, he told me it won’t be that dangerous. Then I decided that since the Asia Cup is important for us, I will play four-five matches with the pain.”

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