Prithvi Shaw too talented for his age, we were not even 10 percent at 18-19

Kohli commented that Prithvi Shaw is someone who India was looking for to get those good and flamboyant starts in Test Cricket. Kohli expressed that Prithvi being a fearless player and who is confident of his game will be a big thing for India in the coming years.

“I know the conditions might not be as challenging as they might get in future, but in Test cricket, the first and the most important thing is confidence and understanding that you can score runs at the Test level. From that point of view, I’m very happy that these guys have taken their chance so well.”

“He looks like someone who can get you off to the kind of start that you require, especially to make the first mark in any series that you play,” commented Kohli. “It’s great to have a guy who is so fearless, and he isn’t reckless, he’s very confident about his game.”

“You might feel like he might nick off one now, but he hardly nicks the ball. And that we saw in England as well, when he was batting in the nets. He was attacking but he was in control throughout, which is a very rare quality against a new ball. You know, to play so many shots and be in control of all of them. It’s a great sign. I don’t think any of us were even 10 per cent of what he is at 18-19. But he has to build on that.”

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