Anti-Corruption code breach, Three Hong Kong Cricketers suspended provisionally

Three Hong Kong Cricketers, Nadeem Ahmed, Haseeb Amjad, and Irfan Ahmed have been provisionally suspended for breaching Anti Corruption code. In an ICC statement on Monday, it was mentioned that the trio breached the code for a total of 19 Counts. The trio has been given a two weeks period starting from October 8 to respond to the allegations.

Irfan has been charged with 9 charged while Nadeem and Haseeb has 5 charges against them. “fixing or contriving or otherwise influencing improperly, or being a party to an effort to fix or contrive or otherwise influence improperly, the result, progress, conduct” of matches” and the “failure to disclose full details of any approaches or invitations received to engage in conduct that would amount to a breach of the 2012 Code” are the allegations charged against them.

They are under scrutiny for their alleged involvement in Hong Kong’s two group games against Scotland and Canada at the 2015 World Cup Qualifiers. In both instances Hong Kong won their matches, beating Scotland by 17 runs and defeating Canada by 9 wickets.

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